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Is Crop Master Legit or a Scam?

Is Crop Master a Scam?

Crop Master – Merge Crop is a new match-three game for iOS and Android platforms. The objective of this game is to combine fruits and vegetables to create new fruits and vegetables of a higher level. You are free to continue combining crops for as long as you see fit, and the number of experience points you may earn is essentially unbounded. In this article, we delve into the app, to see if you can earn real money from playing the game, and answer the question – is Crop Master legit?

Why do People Play Crop Master?

The fact that there are several advertisements stating that you may genuinely earn money in real life by playing this game is one of the things that makes a basic game like this appealing. You can obtain money put into your account if you reach the point when you are allowed to cash out.

Given that these kinds of promises are made in the marketing for the game, it is only natural that a lot of people are curious about the legitimacy of the game and whether or not it is possible to genuinely make money from playing it. Has anybody paid out their winnings yet? And is there evidence that they did so?

Crop Master Game Play

Crop Master’s game play is, as may be expected, carried out straightforwardly. To create new varieties of fruit, you need to do nothing more than combine different types of fruit. If you combine three fruits at level 1, you will produce a new fruit at level 2, and so on, throughout the progression of higher and higher degrees of difficulty.

Coins will be added to your total as you combine fruits, and you can use these coins to buy new fruit or other items from the game’s shop. These coins are also useful when purchasing power-ups, such as reversing one of your moves or using the bomb to target a specific piece to knock it out of the way so that you have a chance at making a combo if you are currently stuck.

When you produce a combination, there is a chance that more combos may follow it since the pieces will descend appropriately and create new mergers. You start a chain reaction when you receive a series of merges in a row. If the chain reaction lasts a significant amount of time, you will be rewarded with additional coins.

When you get this bonus, you will also have the option to view a promotional film to double the number of coins you receive as a bonus if you do so. To be able to see these movies, you need to ensure that you have a reliable connection to the internet. The time needed to finish a marketing film ranges from 30 to 45 seconds.

Coin Master Tips

You can refresh your memory on how to play the game by going to the menu labelled with a question mark whenever you need a refresher. You can also change various settings by tapping the gear icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. These settings include the volume of the music and the background noise.

You can either begin a new game or pick up where you left off when you exit the game and re-launch it. You should only begin a new game if you cannot progress further in the game you were playing before you decided to close the app.

Coin Master Reviews

Most of the evaluations posted in the App Store and the Google Play Store demonstrate bewilderment over cashing out and obtaining one’s money. Although the commercials make it seem as if you may make money, not a single one of the evaluations came from someone who has been paid for using the service.

Most favorable evaluations posted about Coin Master are available in two groups. People who have just recently downloaded the game fall into the first type. These players are ecstatic because they can see a significant amount of money stacking up, but they still need to have the opportunity to try to withdraw their winnings.

The second kind of review falls into the category of fraud testimonials fabricated by the developer or purchased and paid for by other parties. In most cases, the user names will be unremarkable, and a few reviews will even include content that has been recycled from previous evaluations of the same game.

Furthermore, sources are yet to uncover any legit ways to earn money in the game. The adverts depict something other than what is in the game. According to the reviews, a payment mechanism existed, but they were deleted at some time by a hidden update.

So is Crop Master Legit?

Now, when we come back to the main question, is crop master legit? We conclude that the advertising is a scam. Despite the advertising claim, there are more practical methods to generate money than playing the game. The game is just a pleasant way to pass the time by putting fruit together, with no intrusive adverts like you would find in other games of a similar genre.

Should you still get the game? Yes, if you want to have fun playing a basic matching game. You should avoid this if you genuinely want to win money in real life.

Bingo Day App

Is Bingo Day Legit or a Scam?

Is Bingo Day App Legit?

Bingo day is an app that has been making rounds in the google play store. This game can be downloaded and played for free on any Android device. By playing Bingo Day, you stand to win hundreds of dollars in cash and other rewards. This winning strategy, however, raises the question of the game’s legitimacy. Is bingo day legit, or is it a fake money-making app designed to pull in players and, in turn, make money for the developers? Walk with us as we answer the question: is Bingo Day legit or a scam?

Bingo Day: Legit or Scam?

With Bingo Day, you do not need to deposit any money. Simply use your tokens to buy scorecards and start playing. When a winning number gets called, you win virtual dollars.

But before you start playing this game, you need to install the app and agree to give access to files such as photos and videos. Doing so allows the developers to access your data, thus putting you at risk of data loss.

Bingo Day is designed to hook desperate players by promising money that isn’t there and using them as an audience for a never-ending stream of advertisements. The developers do this to earn money passively from the app.

The developers promise you ten dollars every minute you play the game. However, you will notice that no transaction or reward gets remitted to your PayPal account. This is similar to other apps such as Lucky Chip Spin.

Why Bingo Day is not Legit

Your first step to playing Bingo Day is to select a scorecard. The game will then generate 27 random numbers, where you mark the one on your bingo card and collect the money. When the numbers are drawn in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, the slot machine gets activated, thus giving you a big bonus.

Bingo Day could have been a fun game if it was purely for playing bingo. The developers promise a lot of money, making the game’s legitimacy questionable. As a player, you will spend a lot of time watching advertisements to proceed with your play. This strategy is a way for developers to get you to watch advertisements every single minute.

Not only do you have to watch an advertisement to claim the reward, but also to play the bingo game. Moreover, the rewards offered are ridiculous. One bingo game can win you hundreds of dollars and expensive gadgets such as iPhone 13 Pro, MacBook Pro, and Samsung phones, among others. Once you collect fifty puzzle pieces, you can redeem them for some of these expensive gadgets.

To cash out and receive your winnings, you need to hit the minimum withdrawal limit, which is a thousand dollars. However, you will get bombarded by an endless supply of advertisements, which you have to watch to withdraw your earned money.

The google play-store reviews for Bingo Day are also terrible. The app seems to be attracting people by promising a lot of money and rewards only to subject them to endless advertisements without delivering on their promises.


To answer your question on Bingo Day’s legitimacy, this game is not a legit application. Bingo Day is simply another app looking to scam players into watching advertisements. The developers have no intention of fulfilling their end of the bargain to reward players with the promised cash bonuses and expensive gadgets. Bingo Day could have been a fantastic game if the developers had not lied about the cash prizes and rewards.

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