Can’t Comment on Facebook? Here’s How to Easily Fix the Issue

Facebook is a place where people post videos, stories, and posts. The comment section is where people talk about what they see.

Sometimes, you might see a post with a comment that you find provocative, but you can‘t do anything about it. This can be frustrating to some users.

In this article, we will discuss this issue and explain why it happens. We will also highlight the available solution to it.

6 Reasons You Can’t Comment on a Facebook Post

Before we get to the solution, let‘s first learn why you as a user are not able to comment on some Facebook posts.

Facebook Has Blocked You

The reason you can‘t comment on Facebook is that you‘ve been blocked by Facebook. Facebook can block you if you don‘t follow the rules or violate Facebook‘s privacy policy. In extreme cases, Facebook can also put you in Facebook Jail.

What is Facebook Jail? Facebook Jail is when someone is banned from using Facebook. This can happen if that person breaks Facebook‘s rules, for example by spamming other users.

The term “Facebook Jail“ came into being in 2016 when Zuckerberg was facing trials after the presidential election for not monitoring their content and allowing Cambridge Analytica to exploit their resources. If you break some rules on Facebook, your account can be blocked.

Technical Errors – Yes They Do Happen!

If you‘re having trouble commenting on Facebook, it might be because of some technical errors. There‘s nothing you can do to fix this yourself.

Sometimes, your comment might contain characters that Facebook‘s system can‘t understand. In that case, Facebook will give you an error message and you won‘t be able to comment on that post.

Facebook might be updating something or there may be a problem with the server. If that‘s why you can‘t comment, you just have to wait for the Facebook team to respond to your complaint. It shouldn‘t take long to get the matter resolved.

You’ve Been Abusive Towards Other Users

It is against the law to bully or harass someone, whether it is in public or online. Facebook follows this policy, and if you break it, you could be blocked from the site. This includes making hate comments or violating someone‘s privacy.

Facebook will tell the authorities if you try to violate someone‘s privacy, and if other people report you for doing the same. This increases your chances of going to jail. Facebook also stops you from making further comments if it thinks you might be trying to cause problems or get attention from the media.

The Person Posting has Changed Privacy Settings of Who Can Comment

You might have trouble commenting on your friend‘s posts sometimes if they have changed their privacy settings to only allow themselves to post on their timeline. The friends they follow can see their timeline, but they can‘t comment on anything.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do in this scenario. But you can take comfort in that it’s not an issue with your account and nobody else can comment either due to the post’s settings.

Repeating Spam or Non-Unique Comments

If you spam other users on Facebook by leaving the same comment multiple times, you may get reported and blocked by Facebook. So be careful not to spam other users, or you may get in trouble.

This can result in other users reporting you for spamming, which Facebook takes a dim view of and will restrict your account. In most cases the evidence is there and obvious, so there’s little way to appeal this decision.

Your Friend Has Timeline Review Activated

Your friend has turned on the timeline review feature, which means they have to approve all posts before they appear on Facebook. They‘ll get a notification about the post which is pending, and after they click it, they can see the comment and decide whether to approve it or not.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Comment on Facebook

There are a few different ways you can go about successfully commenting on Facebook when facing issues. Let‘s go over the steps quickly so you can get started.

Log Out and Back in to Facebook

If the problem persists in the app or if it‘s causing any technical errors, try logging out of the app for a while. Logging out of your Facebook account may also fix your issue if it was ever a technical one.

Logging out of Facebook should fix the issue as this is the most common issue associated with being comment blocked. If this doesn’t work, continue reading as we talk about more ways to fix the issue.

Update Your Facebook Mobile Application

It‘s important to keep your Facebook app up to date, since this can help reduce problems when using Facebook. To do this, you can check the PlayStore or App Store to see if there is an updated version of Facebook available.

If you see the “Update“ button next to the mobile app on the play store or App Store, you will need to update it first and then log in again to your Facebook account.

You may also need to turn your device off and on again to clear any memory of the old version being run in the background.

Go Nuclear – Uninstall and Re-Install the Facebook App Completely

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app to fix any bugs that might be causing the problem. This is a good method to try if all else fails.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to log back in again from scratch. So only do this if you can remember your password and associated email for your Facebook account.

Final Effort – Make an Appeal to Facebook

If you can‘t comment because Facebook has blocked you, the only way to regain access is to appeal to Facebook to unblock you. First, let‘s see if you have any violations. To check for violations under your Facebook account, follow the steps below.

Go to Options > Help & Support > Support Inbox> Your Violations

If you see any violations of the Facebook terms of service, you can contact Facebook support and ask them to remove the restriction from your account. You can contact Facebook through email &, and simply explain to them your issue and they will come up with a solution for your problem.

If you’ve not given them a genuine reason to ban you from commenting you should be able to get the issue resolved.

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