Does 1010 block Fun Really Pay?

1010 is a puzzle game that requires players to slide blocks in order to create rows of 10. The game is composed of different levels and each level has its own unique design.

The game was created by an independent developer, who released it on the App Store in 2016. The app quickly became popular and soon it was reported that over 100 million people had downloaded the game. It also received a lot of positive feedback from the users, who said that this app was very addictive and fun to play.

How does 1010 Block Fun work?

The game is created by the company 1010. It is an app that you can download on your phone or tablet. The game has a set of blocks that are all different colors and shapes. The player will have to stack the blocks in a way that they create a solid row of 10 blocks without any gaps.

The player will have to think about how the blocks will fit together and then tap on the block they want to move to make it happen. If you tap on an already placed block, it will rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise depending on what direction you tap it in. You can also undo your last move by tapping twice quickly, or if you need help with what moves are possible, there is a video tutorial available from within the app itself.

How to make money on 1010 Block Fun

In the game, players have to guess which block is next in the sequence. This is done by answering a question that has been asked of them. As they answer each question, they are given more questions and points.

The player earns money by answering these questions and if they answer correctly, they get a certain amount of money in return. The more blocks there are in the sequence, the higher their chances of earning a higher amount of money will be.

How does 1010 Block Fun pay?

It can be a tad bit challenging to figure out how exactly 1010 Block Fun pays their players. Furthermore, they don’t specify the threshold players need to reach in order for them to cash out their rewards.

When you try to cash out, you will be met with a message saying that players have to be active about seven days for them to finally cash out their rewards, which is not exactly promising. This only points out to the fact that they are not certain about the payouts they promise or just how much players are capable of making while playing this game.


One of the most profound drawbacks about this game is the vague payment system, which is what attracts most players looking to earn an extra coin. For instance, if you met an advert of the game and jumped right on it, the likelihood is that you will expect same-day payment, which isn’t entirely true. Moreover, there are no clear terms to abide by for you to receive your cash.

Conclusion: Is 1010 Block Fun worth it? Does it Really Pay?

Many fans of tile-matching games probably jump on this game because it feels like an amazing and fun way to earn some extra cash while enjoying their free time. Furthermore, playing the game feels so smooth and fun, and you are likely to encounter something that puts you off while playing.

However, there isn’t much evidence to corroborate their claim that players can actually earn an extra buck while playing it. Most of the reviews online suggest that 1010 Block Fun is just another fun puzzle game to play to pass your free time but not to earn extra cash.

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