How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Email Marketing has always been an integral part of inbound strategy as means to obviate the barriers between brands and consumers that use adblocker tools. Inbound marketing strategy, on the other hand, has been a powerful way of getting your products to your target group. So, by combining those two, you dramatically increase your odds of building a successful online business.

How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy? – The Four Stages

How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy

Here are the 4 stages that any affiliate program has to follow in order to get a proper inbound journey for email marketing.

#1 – Attracting (Awareness Campaign)

There are many platforms from which you can attract your customers, so choose one that is specific for your target audience.

Do your customers spend hours posting pictures and reading story on Instagram? Are they crazy Twitter addicts tweeting compulsively? Or can they not live a day without watching Youtube?

Attraction in digital marketing begins with choosing the right platform(s) to advertise on and finding the copy that works: this way, your prospects will be more likely to give you their email addresses.

#2 – Nurturing (Consideration campaign)

Stage two is about action. You can run a variety of email campaigns, such as newsletters, offers, event news, brochures and so on. Their decision process will be based on how you will want to talk with your prospects in a call-to-action style.

One tip here is: use automation! MailChimp and other similar services allow to put email sending on autopilot, which means that you can focus on developing your offers and refining the copy.

#3 – Converting (Decision campaign)

Stage three is where you track the results in order to determine profitable patters. And email campaigns is one of the most flexible forms of digital marketing in terms of the number of tweaks you can implement.

In Paid Search and Social Media marketing, the ad space and the number of characters are highly limited; and changing anything in SEO on existing posts may result in huge and prolonged losses of ranking. With email marketing, however, you are free to improvise and run any sorts of experiments to determine what combinations of design, copy and offers improve your ROI the most.

email marketing allows delivering what the customer needs, when he needs it
How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?
By giving your customer what he needs!

#4 – Advocating (Delight campaign)

A prospect who converted once is your best shot at another conversion, not to mention all the referral traffic she can get your through the word of mouth. Keep your clients updated with your new offers and try to delight them. Remember: competition is fierce, and a lot of your competitors have much larger budgets.

Think of something that will allow you to build an emotional connection with your customers. And, above all, always try to add value to their lives: this is the key to success not only in email marketing, but in anything we do, both as marketers and human beings.

The Unique Characteristics of Email Marketing (and How They Fit Into Your Inbound Strategy)

Are you still wondering how email marketing can fuel your overall inbound strategy? And what makes email marketing better than SEO (which has the potential of producing free traffic on the long run), or Facebooks Ads that self-proclaimed digital marketers can’t have enough of these days? Well, consider the following characteristics that make an email campaign unique

  • email marketing is less expensive than any other digital platform – and it brings the highest return on investment
  • you can slice and dice your target group by the most effective criteria: their purchases at your own site
  • you have the opportunity to personalize your words through a variety of templates, or develop unique copy that will be appealing to particular audiences
  • you can seamlessly continue your marketing efforts with the clients who already converted to generate more conversions down the road
  • the results of your campaign are easily measured via various analytical tools (and you don’t have to pay for most of them)
  • the “forward” button, makes it easy to share your email with the prospects’ friends and family members
  • if you are cautious and don’t overwhelm your prospects and clients, you’ll never end up in the spam folder, so your revenue potential could be progressively increasing with relevant affiliate programs
  • there is a plethora of intuitive online tools that can help you in your email strategy, and many of they are free
email marketing drives best roi and sending newsletters helps
How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?
By driving maximum ROI with minimal effort!

Email Marketing Is Key To Your Success

Due to its high effectiveness and unmatched efficiency, email marketing has become one of the most powerful forces in modern digital marketing and advertising. If used properly, it can open unmatched opportunities for cyclical sales and ever-increasing ROI across very wide segments of your target audience. Established brands and start-ups alike leverage the tremendous power of email marketing to increase their share of business, and everything indicates that this favorable trend will but continue for years to come.

If you don’t want to miss this huge opportunity and wait on the road curb, watching your competition reap all the profits, start incorporating email marketing into your overall inbound strategy now!

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What is your experience with email for driving ROI? How does email fuel YOUR inbound marketing strategy? Have you learned any useful tricks you’d like to share? Use the comments’ section below to let everyone know!

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