Is Carelumina a Scam? Full Breakdown

Carelumina is a health and wellness company that uses the MLM format to sell its products. As such, you may have been attracted to this page by an interest in health or making money. We have studied the company in detail to determine whether it is a scam. By the end of this review, you will know whether you can make money through the company. Also, we will let you know whether their health products are any good.

Can You Trust Carelumina? Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Carelumina


• The company has a large selection of products.
• You can build your own team of affiliates.
• It offers reasonable prices.


• Its official website doesn’t have much information on the owners of the business.
• The compensation plan of the company is confusing.
• You will find very little information on its origins or headquarters.

How Does Carelumina Work?

Carelumina is a multi-level marketing company. Lots of people have worked with such companies or at least know a family member or friend who was involved in MLMs. These businesses are promoted as a way of earning money outside your regular job. You simply need to purchase a package of products from the company and sell them to your friends and family members. If you are able to get them on a subscription, you will be able to make even more money. The product line in the company includes:
• Cold-pressed juices
• Skin care products like activated charcoal cleansers, retinal moisturizers, and moisturizing sunscreen
• Hair care products
• Nutrition plans with nutrition guides, strategic workout plans, and wellness tips
• Telehealth services with access to board-certified physicians
• Roadside assistance
• Tech support
• Identity protection
• Credit monitoring

You can sign up for free, but this will only allow you to work as a direct seller and earn retail commissions. To get access to the company’s full compensation plan, you will have to pay a fee. This amounts to $200. You also have to sign up for a minimum monthly auto-ship of $25. Paying for the plan also allows you to get higher retail commission percentages.

Is Carelumina a Good Income-Generating Opportunity?

Now, we have to determine whether this company is a scam or a good income-generating opportunity. Like many MLMs, it does not publish clear reports on how much money sellers are making by selling its products. For this reason, we have to go with general reports on MLMs. Overall, as many as 99.6% of participants in MLMs will lose money when all earnings and expenses are taken into consideration. You can earn a lot more money by working a minimum-wage job.

The only way of making money through Carelumina is by making sales, and it is reported that around 20% of participants in MLMs don’t make a single sale. Let’s look at the compensation plan in this company.

Its retail commission amounts to 50%, but this varies slightly depending on the value assigned to the product. Note that the commission isn’t calculated on the product value.

You can also earn override commissions in this company, and the percentage will depend on your rank in the organization. It ranges from 1% to 5%.


Cerelumina is an MLM company that allows members to make money by selling products and services. The company offers reasonably-priced products. However, you shouldn’t join this company as it won’t offer you an opportunity to make good money. You are highly likely to earn a lot less than minimum wage workers. It is also worth noting that the company does not publish information on its founders or locations and origins.

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