Is Lucky Chip Spin Legit?

Should You Download Lucky Chip Spin?


Has Lucky Chip Spin been advertised all over your phone recently? This app is the new craze on the Google Play Store, with promises of winning hundreds of dollars for playing some virtual slot machines. Almost seems too good to be true right? Read on to find out the answer to the question “is lucky chip spin legit?”

What is Lucky Chip Spin?

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Lucky Chip Spin is an app available on the Google Play Store which allows users to put coins into a slot machine. You place the coins into the machine until they drop off the edge. When coins are pushed off the by dozer, users then receive free currency and also virtual dollars, which can be redeemed via Cash App or PayPal.

How to Play Lucky Chip Spin?

The game is fairly simple. You click on your screen where you want the coins to drop. There are 2 different types of coins that can fall off the edge. Green coins give you virtual dollars, and gold coins give you tokens. The Green tokens have different numbers on them, so for example a green coin with 100 on it will give you 1 “real” US dollar.

If any coin hits the 777 box, the slot machine will become activated, which will give you extra nickels, cash rewards or fruits if you match 3 symbols. However, it must be noted that if you would like to bank cash or tokens into your account, it is likely you will need to watch sponsored advertisements.

How much Money can You Win?

Lucky Chip Spin claim to give out over $33,000 in rewards each day. Now to any logical person, there is absolutely no way there is any app on the app store which allows you to push some tokens off a conveyor belt is going to be giving away thousands of dollars daily. Lucky Chip Spin has cash outs all the way up to $10,000 worth of PayPal or CashApp depending on which country you live in.

The Shady Stuff…

Lucky Chip Spin has been created to make sure you watch as many advertisements as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time, as this is actually how the developers get paid. You’re only allowed to drop 40 tokens onto the board at a time without watching an advertisement. They also make the tokens refresh but only after a certain period of time, and one at a time. This encourages users to watch the advertisements to try and regain your tokens as fast as possible.

Users watch adverts at least every 30 seconds on this application, and they con you at the start by letting you win a lot, but then as you progress closer and closer to the cash out values, things start to slow down and then the diminishing returns activate. This means as you continue to play the game, your success rate gets lower and lower, until you’re basically winning nothing.

Lucky Chip Spin has 2 currencies. First there is the coin currency which is free, and then there is the money currency which is real life money. The game obviously gives you more of the free coin currency, which you need millions of to cash out.

Made with Unity

Unity is a platform that allows users to develop their own interactive, real time 3D content. This means that anyone can use this software to create their own app to put on the Google Play Store. This makes apps made with Unity an instant red flag!

The graphics on Lucky Chip Spin are actually pretty good, which leads you to believing the app must be legit. This looks much more like a fun game compared to the other fake money-making applications. And there would be no problem with this app if it was JUST a game.

There’s more!

There is also an in-game shop, which looks like it has been put there so then Google cannot ban the application as having an in-game store allows the developers to claim there is a “game.”

To make things worse the app also offer real life items that can be claimed using the coins you get.

Lucky Chip Spin is an early access application which means you can’t read any of the reviews. I truly believe this is not a legit  application, and once you play the game for a few hours you will understand exactly what I mean. This is such a frustrating app to play and a complete waste of time.

How do you cash out?

Once you tap the “Cash out” option next to your balance you will see all the withdrawal amounts you can choose from.

You can seemingly win $777 if you land 777 on the slot machine. The app also rewards users with $1,000 if they’re able to collect 36 fruits on the slot machine.

There are somehow users of the app that have had enough time to waste to reach the minimum cash out of $300. When you reach this amount, you insert your PayPal email and then a 7-day countdown begins, which at the end you’re supposed to receive your cash out money. However, users have complained about not receiving the money into their PayPal accounts. This is because after the 7 days, users then need to collect 30 kinds of fruits while playing the game, which will then supposedly activate the cash to your account. However, I can’t find a single person that claims to have received real money from Lucky Chip Spin.


Lucky Chip Spin’s founders want to generate as much ad revenue as possible, which is why they offer you the chance to win real money for playing a simple game. By playing this game you will not only waste a significant amount of your time, but you will also be disappointed when you realize you will not receive the money you were promised. To put it frank, they make you think you’re making money, only for you to actually be making money for them.


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