Video Agency Funnels Review

What is Video Agency Funnels?

Video Agency Funnels is a video and funnel builder for agencies and video marketers. The idea behind the business is people sign up and create content using Video Agency Funnels app, and then sell this content to businesses and other interested parties.

Video Agency Funnels claim to be the first funnel builder to create videos, funnels, and websites specifically to be sold to people looking for content.

Users can create content that can be sold to online marketers, coaches, consultants, E-commerce store owners, and also on freelance sites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

But is it really worth your money and time? Does it guarantee success? This article will go into depth about exactly what you get from your Video Agency Funnels purchase. We will also recommend if you should purchase this product or not.

Video Agency Funnels Sales Page

Video Agency Funnels Sales Page

When you go onto the website, they state you do not need any marketing experience and can charge up to $5,000 per project. This is extremely exaggerated as if you’re a beginner with no online experience, as there is no way you’ll be able to sell anything for that kind of money! This is because you aren’t well known yet, and are without a portfolio of work that’s been created and sold. You also do not have an online presence like a website, YouTube channel, or social media. So who is going to trust you enough to buy anything from you?

The sales page also promotes the product for a “one-time payment.” This is an instant red flag, because how is the founder going to keep the product updated if there’s no money coming in from a monthly subscription.

Who Founded Video Agency Funnels?

The founder of this product is known as Mario Brown. He is an entrepreneur and reputable internet marketer, who has also written some books about SEO and marketing for local businesses.

Video Agency Funnels Software

The software dashboard is pretty slow and takes a while to respond, despite the sales page claiming to have “lightning speed hosting.” There is a long waiting time when navigating the software which makes it really frustrating to use, and can waste a lot of your time.

The front end of the product is limited. You cannot access many features unless you purchase a more expensive version of the software.

You can create websites and funnel pages that are optimized for both desktop and phone users. However, you need to buy a premium package if you want to remove the Video Agency Funnels watermark from your sites.

Video Creation

When creating videos, you can use templates as a starting point and then edit them so your work is unique. However, users have had difficulty uploading their own videos to the software. One user sent an email to the support team, which according to the sales page gives “24-hour support,” but the user did not receive a response.

Paid Ads

There is a forecasting section that allows you to estimate the profit/loss you will make depending on how much you decide to spend on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, your predicted traffic, and cost per click. Then once you enter your expenses and your conversion rate, the software creates your financial forecast. This is a useful tool which allows you to test if your product would be successful, before spending money on paid advertisements.


Video Agency Funnels have created training videos to help their customers fully understand how to make the most out of their purchase. All videos are rendered with text-to-speech software, which means the videos sound robotic and can be hard to understand.

The videos do not include any business training for beginners, even though the sales page states there would be step-by-step training available.

The Products Available

The front-end initial purchase is $57, which only gives you access to a limited number of features.

The first up-sell is called Unlimited and costs $67. This removes all the limitations from the front end, including their brand watermark from your funnel.

The next up-sell is the Pro Version which also costs a further $67. This purchase gives you extra templates and videos and also gives you additional auto responder integrations. It includes some advanced features such as analytics, split testing, and adding team members.

The next available product is called White Label, costing $147 if you want 50 accounts, or $297 if you want unlimited accounts. There is also an option to pay the unlimited account payment over 4 payments of $97 each. This White Label License allows you to add your own logo and sell your creations as your own product. This means you get to keep 100% of the profits.

The final up-sell you can purchase is the Marketing Kit. This is an agency package that does video marketing and hosting for you. This includes a professional website, different proposals, graphics, contracts, email swipes, and much more. This is to help you create your own agency business, and is really helpful if you already own an agency business.

Altogether, Video Agency Funnels could cost you $385, or even $626 if you use their payment plans!

Pros of Video Agency Funnels

Good Software – Although it has some flaws, the software is in-depth and includes a range of fantastic templates to help you create high-quality content. The software is also easy to use and create your own marketing videos and funnel pages.

Great for existing agency business – This product will help you create funnels for local businesses, and create landing pages and videos that you can sell to your existing clientele.

Cons of Video Agency Funnels

Not beginner-friendly – This product is not suitable for users with no online experience. There’s no business training to help a beginner start their own agency or freelance business.

Server speed is very slow – This could be because there’s a large number of people on the server at once. Or because they aren’t using a server that’s powerful enough. Either way, the upload speeds are painful to experience, sometimes taking minutes to load a new page.

You don’t own your pages or products – All of your products have a subdomain name and are hosted on their servers. This means you’re at the mercy of this product remaining online and functioning properly. If the system were to shut down, you would also lose all your videos, funnel pages, and traffic.

Our Recommendation

If you want to take the plunge and purchase Video Agency Funnels, I would only recommend doing so if you’re an experienced marketer. This is because beginners do not know how to start up their own agency or freelance business. Beginners do not have relevant business training and don’t know the legal requirements needed on each web-page.

Beginners will also not have built up a clientele, which means who are they going to promote their services to? Unless you have the confidence to go door to door to seek out a business that would be willing to hire you, it is unlikely you’re going to make any sales. Beginners can promote their services on freelance sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. However, there is a lot of competition on these sites.

Video Agency Funnels is legit and is not a scam. However, unless you have experience, you will not be making any money using this product.

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