Twitter and Facebook: Important Factors To Consider

Today, business managers and marketing experts agree that Twitter and Facebook can offer unprecedented opportunities for advertisement and marketing. A lot of people have already started using these platforms to market their businesses while some have not realized the importance of these platforms yet. If you haven’t used social media for marketing and advertising, it is because you are not sure whether or not it is worth the effort. In this article, you will be able to see a clear-cut Twitter vs. Facebook comparison in terms of their marketing potential.

Twitter and Facebook: the Key Differences

facebook and twitter logos
The two rivals often go side by side

Twitter and Facebook can be quite similar when it comes to functionality and terminology, such as profile pages, status updates, tagging, usernames, avatars, and other features. Moreover, both platforms provide companies with excellent opportunities to market themselves and offer great customer support. However, the manner in which these networks are used is quite different.

Young, middle-class females prefer Facebook

Facebook was first launched in 2004 when it was only meant for college students, but they introduced the social marketing tools to the public and their audience has grown exponentially since then. With that said, how can a business manager use this platform and benefit from its potential? One of the best places to begin could be user demographics. For instance, according to statistics, over 64% of Facebook users earn anywhere between $26000 and $74000 per annum, while 63% of its users are aged between 13 and 34 years. Moreover, 54% of its users are women and almost 41% of them login at least once a day.

Age and education are major factors for Twitter

The Twitter launched its “microblogging” service in 2006, but it received worldwide recognition in 2010 when over 50 million tweets were made by fans every day. According to Alexa’s ranking, the Twitter is the ninth most visited website in the world.

As far as demographics are concerned, Twitter is quite similar to Facebook. For example, 56% of Twitter users are making between $26000 and $74000 per annum. Likewise, 52% of its users are women.

Twitter and Facebook differ from each other, in terms of age and education. It is not easy for business managers to target a specific age group on Twitter because the age range is not as diverse as on the Facebook.

With that said, Twitter has a “secret weapon,” known as Twitter’s “retweet” feature that can serve as an excellent advertising tool for all companies, as it allows any user to forward any message to all of their followers.

mobile apps make checking Facebook and Twitter easy
Modern smartphone is a shortcut to social media

What is the value of a like, share, follow or tweet?

One of the toughest things to define in social media is the value of a follower as well as determining if followers on one platform are more valuable than that of another. For example, the cost per follower on Twitter is between $2 and $4. Likewise, an average cost per like on Facebook is around $1. Also, a share on Facebook is priced at $14 per share, whereas the cost per Twitter follow is $2.

While Twitter is a great broadcasting channel for brands, Facebook would be your best bet if you wish to increase brand awareness. Facebook is more inclined on supporting real-world connections, constantly striving to improve functions, like Chat and Groups. In addition, companies can share media content as well as broadcast latest updates.

Even though experts would immediately declare either Twitter or Facebook as being the best social media platform, the fact of the matter is that each platform offers its own set of benefits and will appeal more to different types of companies. Thus, you ought to choose a social media platform that meets your requirements.

twitter and facebook let you play
Twitter and Facebook is a symphony of social media marketing

Final Thoughts on Twitter and Facebook

When it comes to deciding which platform is the right choice for posting ads or running a marketing campaign, it is important to consider all of the above-mentioned factors. You ought to choose a platform that can meet your specific requirements, in terms of target audience, demographics, etc. Similarly, you need to look at your budget to determine which platform suits your needs.

With that said, if you are running a business and want to advertise through social media, you should keep all of these factors in mind, in order to make an informed decision. And never underestimate the power of testing: let your target audience inform you as to whether Twitter or Facebook are more suitable for tackling your marketing objectives.

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