What Is Twitter and How Does It Work?

Twitter is a social network for chatting with friends and family. It is also sometimes called a micro-blogging site because, unlike other social networking sites that allow you to send messages of unlimited length to people, Twitter has limited this length to 140 characters. In addition, messages sent to Twitter are called tweets, unlike on Facebook and Orkut which call them posts, and notes, respectively. On Twitter, you can follow other people, thus becoming what is known as a follower.

What Twitter Is and How It Works

Statistics show that Twitter has more than 320 million monthly users. In other words, regardless of your product or network marketing service, it is a safe bet that many members of your target audience will spend at least some time there. The first principle of marketing is that everything is available wherever your ideal customers are, so any brand looking to advertise should consider Twitter as one of options.

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What is Twitter? A huge force in the social media game!

Some compare Twitter with the perfect mix of blogs and instant messengers, which has given rise to the nickname “micro-blogging” for this new phenomenon. Many people welcome space limitations because this means that updates received will go directly to the object, which will be appreciated by busy observers. Twitter uses the question “What is happening?” To direct the content of each update so that it contains some information related to others.

How to get started on Twitter

Getting started is easy. Go to twitter.com and create a free account by filling out a profile that asks for your name, username, password, and email address. If you want, please upload a photo so that your subscribers can express their faces due to your updates. Go to “Settings” to change the background, choosing one of the proposed ones or setting up your own if you need it in Photoshop.

For convenience, Twitter has an email function as one way to invite subscribers. If you have more, start sending tweets to your list or sending updates to specific subscribers! These updates are sent via the Twitter website, connecting your mobile phone to Twitter and sending SMS messages, or through a growing variety of external applications. Twitter has many forms, so people interpret it in different forms. Some of these ways will help you understand what Twitter is and how it works: using Twitter tends to fall into two main areas:

Twitter as a Social Network

Although Twitter is a very good micro-blogging site, you cannot forget its true purpose is instantaneous messaging. Twitter allows you to send and receive messages from your friends, which makes it an ideal environment for social networking. You can easily contact your old friends or inform current ones that you are out of town. You can share your plans with friends with a click of a button.

Twitter on Mobile Devices

twitter on mobile devices allows connecting to the whole world
What is Twitter? A smartphone app that connects you to the entire world!

The integration of Twitter with mobile technology has made it even more attractive. Now you can easily access Twitter from any mobile phone located anywhere in the world and keep in touch with your loved ones. You keep living your live the same way you do, and your favorite social network is there when you need to share a snarky comment!

Following Celebrities

Often people follow their friends to chat with them, but most follows celebrities to stay on top of their news. Due to the constant pressure of the media on what celebrities are doing, many regular users are obsessed with watching what they tweet, trying to get glimpses into the lives of their idols. Celebrities often use Twitter to their advantage, as it allows celebrity advertising and insidious promotions, which usually cost a lot of money but often bring handsome returns.

Twitter for Business

Which brings us to business. Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has become one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet, and companies have started creating accounts based on products that allow them to reach a group of subscribers, trying to encourage them to send tweets and promote this product in various forms. News corporations around the world use Twitter to spread the hot-off-the-press word, and it is customary even for not-so-known journalists and reporters to have Twitter accounts with several thousand active followers.

Another method used specifically for online marketers is encouraging people to follow you, and then promoting the URLs of the products you sell that your subscribers can access. Or, if you’re really lucky, promoting them by yourself (in which case you can usually count on some sort of affiliate compensation). In short, now that the Internet marketing gurus are using Twitter left and right, it became a great place to get the latest product information from sources that interest you, and stay on top of attractive promotions from celebrities

What value does Twitter provide?

What is Twitter? A new force in marketing!
What is Twitter? A new word in Scramble!

It depends on what you want to get out of it. If you have friends in the Twitter community, or are interested in knowing what your favorite celebrities are up to, Twitter is one of the best places where you can get information directly from the source. At the same time, whether you are a beginner marketer or a business owner, Twitter provides one of the most effective marketing environments with literally hundreds of way to narrow down on your target audience and advertise exclusively to the prospects who have the highest chance to convert.

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